Smart Home Automation Systems in Dubai

Smart Home Automation Systems in Dubai

Smart Home Automation Systems in Dubai

Home is a paradise for everyone and keeping it safe is a priority for all. The latest upgraded home automation systems in Dubai are making homes smarter and better for all.

Smart homes are now affordable and easily accessible by all. Today from light, and sound to security, Smart-solutions are available for almost every system which is easy to access and control.

Here are a few other reasons why you choose smart homes for a smart living:

Access control systems from any anywhere/anytime

Wireless home automation systems give homeowners the ability to control the security and energy systems of their homes using their computers, tablets, or even their cell phones. Whether you are at home, at work, or even on the road, it gives you the freedom to check and control the systems at your home.

Save energy costs by 10% – 15% of your home

Turn off your lights automatically and lower the thermostat as and when required.


We are living in times when being environmentally aware is paramount. Home automation solutions help reduce the power consumption of your home by automatically turning off the systems and appliances when not in use. It, therefore, helps in preserving natural resources.

Simple maintenance

Smart systems alert the homeowners of scheduled maintenance. Also, it sends alerts when there is a power outage or deviation from the pre-set settings which could indicate problems with the system.

Enhanced comfort

Smart systems can learn and adapt to the patterns of the home and adjust accordingly to enhance the comfort level for the occupants of the house. A smart thermostat can automatically control the temperatures of the house when it is occupied.

SIMAA Security Systems provides customers with State-of-the-Art Security and ELV System Solutions. Since 2003, SIMAA has been providing diversified Solutions to Projects, Fit-outs, Refurbishments, and the Service industry.

Being a SIRA and TRA Approved company, ISO-9001, and OHSAS-18001 certifications reflect a commitment to maintaining high standards in all aspects of the business ensuring quality products, services, and happy customers.

Simaa security supplies can help you upgrade your lifestyle with cost-effective and attractive home automation systems with simple installation and suitable management. For more details on all smart homes products and services reach out to us at [email protected]

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